What I do

After years of working at large, international companies and universities around the country, I’m savoring the joys of being an independent management consultant. The hard knocks of corporate life have helped me develop a well-stocked bag of tricks that I can bring to bear on my clients’ business challenges.

And if I don’t have a ready-made solution at hand, we’ll get creative and craft something tailored to your business’s special needs.

Just be warned–I like to laugh, I’m relentless about following up, and I’ll tell you the truth you need to hear. My goal is to help you transform your business vision into reality!

Specialties: Troubleshooting; assessment; process improvement; writing; editing; public speaking; presentations; training development and delivery; event design and facilitation; coaching; project management; non-profits; churches

What’s in a Name

Whenever I tell people my company name, one of the first questions is, “So what do the V and the R stand for??”

Today, they stand for Vision and Reality. Those are key concepts to me, because if you don’t have vision, you cannot create a new reality for your business…or for your life, for that matter.

On the other hand, all the vision in the word doesn’t do you a darned bit of good if you can’t bring it to reality. So I derive great joy from helping managers and business owners find the courage and the processes they need to transform their business vision into reality.

Originally, I used the name V&R Consulting because I thought it would not be cool to have the name Kuhl Consulting. Anyone who heard the name spoken without seeing it written would assume the name was Cool Consulting, which just didn’t seem businesslike or credible to me. So I was inspired to by the words versatile and reliable from my old tagline and logo: “…as versatile and reliable as a Swiss Army Knife.”

While I am, indeed, quite versatile and reliable, a couple of trusted advisers pointed out that those words don’t offer any clue about what I do. Hence, the rebranding.

Now, if you ask my friends, they’ll tell you V&R stands for verbose and rowdy. And there is quite a bit of truth to that! But let’s stick with vision and reality, at least until you know me better.

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