Non Profits Need Solid Business Basics

Claire helping package 23,500 meals for Ghana, Africa, as part of a Rotary project called “Feed the Hungry”

Non-profit organizations are driven by their strong sense of mission and a passionate desire to make a positive difference in the world. It’s fairly easy to start a non-profit, but it’s enormously challenging to sustain one!

To ensure the long-term health of your non-profit organization, you must make sure that the business basics are solidly in place: good processes for planning and executing events, meaningful measurements for evaluating your impact, and effective communications with all your constituencies, just to name a few.

V&R Consulting owner Claire F. Kuhl understands the non-profit world. While serving as Executive Director for a small, local non-profit, she experienced the joys and frustrations that that role entails. Additionally, her many years of service as a volunteer and a board member for various non-profit organizations provide perspective from the other side of non-profit life.

Let V&R help you find solutions to address the unique challenges and opportunities your non-profit organization is facing.

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