Strengthen Your Staff

Motivated, knowledgeable employees are essential to your customers’ satisfaction and your company’s long-term health. Use V&R Consulting to assist you in addressing typical staff challenges.

To increase your staff’s productivity, V&R can:

  • Develop and deliver customized training
  • Establish train-the-trainer programs for sustainable internal development

To clarify roles and responsibilities, we can help you:

  • Craft job descriptions
  • Evaluate organizational design
  • Facilitate team building

To improve bench strength, let V&R:

  • Implement structured hiring processes, secession planning, and mentoring programs
  • Coach individual leaders

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A Helping Hand for Non Profits

Sometimes it seems like the folks who need help the most are the least able to afford it! In the spirit of the Golden Rule and “Service Above Self,” V&R discounts our fees for churches and non-profits. Call Claire to discuss your organization’s needs and see what arrangements can be made.

Generally speaking, you’ll receive a 20% discount for your non-profit, church, or faith-based organization. In some cases, especially for local Greenwood, SC-area groups, pro bono services may be available.

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Non Profits Need Solid Business Basics

Claire helping package 23,500 meals for Ghana, Africa, as part of a Rotary project called “Feed the Hungry”

Non-profit organizations are driven by their strong sense of mission and a passionate desire to make a positive difference in the world. It’s fairly easy to start a non-profit, but it’s enormously challenging to sustain one!

To ensure the long-term health of your non-profit organization, you must make sure that the business basics are solidly in place: good processes for planning and executing events, meaningful measurements for evaluating your impact, and effective communications with all your constituencies, just to name a few.

V&R Consulting owner Claire F. Kuhl understands the non-profit world. While serving as Executive Director for a small, local non-profit, she experienced the joys and frustrations that that role entails. Additionally, her many years of service as a volunteer and a board member for various non-profit organizations provide perspective from the other side of non-profit life.

Let V&R help you find solutions to address the unique challenges and opportunities your non-profit organization is facing.

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