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Structure Your Information

Are you drowning in data, but thirsty for knowledge? Do the right people get the right info at the right time, in the right way? V&R has knowledge management techniques to help make sure they do. To capture and transfer institutional knowledge, V&R can: Research and write technical documentation Edit and organize existing resource materials […]

Sharpen Your Execution

Project management training strengthens your team and helps sharpen your execution How are you doing in these critical areas? •• People. When is the last time you invested in some staff training? Are your people functioning at peak performance, or do some individuals and teams need assistance? •• Information. Is mission-critical information well-organized, easy to […]

A Helping Hand for Non Profits

Sometimes it seems like the folks who need help the most are the least able to afford it! In the spirit of the Golden Rule and “Service Above Self,” V&R discounts our fees for churches and non-profits. Call Claire to discuss your organization’s needs and see what arrangements can be made. Generally speaking, you’ll receive […]

Business Services in a Christian Context

Your church is a sacred space, a community of believers, and a source of comfort, hope, and truth for your community. Your church is a spiritual home for its members, and a place of refuge for those who are still searching for faith. It’s also a business. Could your church benefit from refreshing its strategic […]

Non Profits Need Solid Business Basics

Non-profit organizations are driven by their strong sense of mission and a passionate desire to make a positive difference in the world. It’s fairly easy to start a non-profit, but it’s enormously challenging to sustain one! To ensure the long-term health of your non-profit organization, you must make sure that the business basics are solidly […]